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Ever since she was 10 years old, Devina Halim has dreamt of becoming a movie director, something her mother is absolutely on board with. Her father, on the other hand? Big fat NO. In true Indonesian dad fashion, he thinks her time would be better spent working towards becoming a doctor or entrepreneur. This doesn’t stop Devina, however. She’s determined to win the approval of one of the most important persons in her life one way or another. However, the more she attempts to win her father over, the more their relationship seems to sour and her studies decline. Soon, even her carefully crafted career plans are slowly falling apart right in front of her. Faced with the distress of her crumbling dreams, the ever-present strain between her and her father, and her being unable to understand why her father is so adamant on shutting her down without ever giving her a chance, Devina is starting to think that perhaps… their relationship has always been doomed from the start.

Story and art by Eileen Widjaja

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