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Personal-Use Commissions

Commissions are now CLOSED, ALL SLOTS ARE FULL

Please fill THIS FORM if you'd like to be added to the waitlist

Please refer to THIS SHEET to check the progress of the current batch and the existing waitlist


For any inquiries please contact

Style 1: Inked + Rendered


Half Body

Full Body




+$35 for every additional character

+$15~$35 for background/effects (depending on complexity)

*additional fees may apply depending on the complexity and details of the piece

Commissioned by @arabianbatboy (Twitter)

yoohankim lowres roatetd.png
Style 2: Painterly




+$55 for every additional character

+$25~$55 for background/effects (depending on complexity)

*additional fees may apply depending on the complexity and details of the piece


Half Body

Full Body

A visual reference in differentiating the two styles

A visual reference in differentiating the two styles

Style 1

Style 2

  • I, the artist, retain the right to my work. I have the right to display the artwork in my portfolios, website, and social media unless specified otherwise.

  • The artwork may only be used for personal use. It is prohibited, in any circumstances, to be used for commercial purposes. This includes reselling the artwork (digitally or physically), selling merchandise of the artwork, and minting and selling the artwork as NFTs.

  • The client may not trace, edit, or claim the artwork as their own in any way without my consent. This includes editing with or using Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots.

  • All finished artwork will have my watermark/signature on it and it should not, under any circumstances, be erased or edited out.

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission.

  • Commissions are digital files only. No shipping of physical goods will take place.

  • Additional fees may apply depending on the complexity of the commission.

  • Payment must be made within 48 hours of the invoice being sent. Refunds may only be done before you receive the first sketch for your commission.

  • Major changes may only be done during the sketch stage. Only minor changes are allowed past the inking and coloring stage.

  • Commissioning me means you agree to all of the terms stated in my Terms of Service.

  • Payments are made upfront in full via PayPal or Indonesian bank transfer only. Exceptions are made for commissions exceeding $200, you may pay half upfront and the rest upon completion of work.

  • Please refer to this conversion rate if you would like to pay in IDR: 1USD = 10,000IDR

  • My turnaround time is around 2-4 months depending on the complexity and my workload. It may take longer depending on the situation. I no longer do rushed commissions or commissions with specific deadlines so please make sure your commissions do not have any urgent deadlines.

  • Please make sure to provide proper references, whether it be in the form of a description, rough sketch, images, or any other form of media, in advance.

  • Feel free to post your commission on social media with proper credit to me.

  • If your commission features large animals (example: cow, tiger) it will be counted as an extra character.

  • If there is anything you want to ask or feel unsure about, feel free email me at

  • After you finish submitting the Google Form, I will email you to confirm the details of your commission and proceed with the payment. I will only start working on your commission once the payment is done.

  • I will send you the sketch for your commission. If you have any changes you’d like to be made, especially major changes, please make sure to request it at this stage since I will not be doing it in further stages.

  • Once the sketch is approved, I will continue working on the artwork until it is finished and send you the final artwork via email in PNG or JPG format. I can also send you WIPs during the inking and coloring stage if you request for it.


Fictional characters

Original characters

Real people/Likenesses





Extreme gore

Hateful content

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